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Failure should always fuel success.

Several months ago, a friend of mine told me her friend was rejected from every school except UC Davis with an excellent GPA and resume. Having been through the same situation, I was motivated to write this post. Don’t be discouraged by failure. Rather, let it be the fuel for your success.

As cliche as it sounds, two friends of mine did just that: Hana Hur and Michael Bonifacio.

Hana was first rejected from the United States Military Academy (West Point). She spent the entire school year undergoing prep school and getting herself into outstanding physical shape. Unsurprisingly, she’s been situated in New York for the past month; she gladly accepted their offer of admittance this year. I foresee a future Brigadier General out of her.

Similarly, Mike was rejected by every school he applied to except for Boston College. Instead of settling for what he deemed secondary, he went to Peru for half a year for community service. During that time span, he was immersed in a different hemisphere. In a different world, really. He left the States not having ever learned any Spanish. He came back speaking and understanding it more fluently than those who have learned it for years. He came back to the states with the newfound knowledge, reapplied to many schools, and got accepted into highly decorated and prestigious universities. He’ll be pursuing his goals at UCLA this upcoming fall semester.

As some of you know, I was rejected to Long Beach State and San Diego State University last year for pre-Physical Therapy. I was really upset about it, but I became evermore determined to prove the naysayers wrong. I went out of my way to experience new things, gain new insights, and acquire more knowledge. I went on the Mexico sailing trip, joined Alohi’s Dance Studio, became a college writing tutor, and interned for a Congresswoman. In the end, I’m glad I switched my major into one I am much more passionate about

Hana and Mike, perseverance paid off didn’t it? (Yes, go ahead and tease about my mandals).

Failure isn’t a means to an end. From my point of view, it’s communicating to me that I haven’t tried hard enough. In most cases, there’s always something more a person can do to finally reach their goals. This isn’t confined to just academics. Weight loss and other health-related goals like quitting cigarette smoking immediately come to mind.

I can’t say the same for Mike and Hana (they’re quite amazing), but I am no mightier than the next person. My feats could very well be accomplished by anyone; I just walked the walk and carried out the tasks. To the friend of my friend: think of something you want to pursue or are passionate about. Think of something you’ve never done before that you want to try. Think of a hobby that you’ve wanted to manifest. Go out there and manifest it, because you obviously have the potential. Just make sure the world sees it gleaming from you, and you’ll be a future success story.


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