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The days of our lives.

I grew up in the same house my whole life. The elementary, middle, and high school I attended were all in the same city. Therefore, I grew up accustomed to seeing familiar faces for many years. It was a nice, comfortable feeling knowing I had certain people surrounding me.

Unfortunately, this euphoric feeling is temporary. My fellow peers and I are now at that age where venturing off becomes customary. Those who I’ve established bonds with must tread their own paths; most of them are different from my own. Some are motivated by career paths, while others by educational attainment. Perhaps the reason for departure could be personal, while others by financial needs. Needless to say, those around you inevitably come and go.

As the days of our lives go by, life happens. SoCal will no longer be my primary home for at least the next two years. I’m lucky though, because my absence is marked only by months. In comparison, I bid farewell to three friends who left two weeks ago.

Emily, moving to Wisconsin for an impressive job.

Andrew (middle), moving to Illinois for the navy.

Hana, moving to New York for West Point.

It sucks to see them go, but each one of them have impressive futures awaiting them. It’ll most likely be years before I see them again, but I’m confident that they’ll succeed with whatever challenges lying ahead.


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