Chessmaster: a different perspective on Starcraft.

I play Starcraft II, and just until last night I realized how much I hid it from my friends. It’s not because I play too much; it might be a feeling of shame due to my past addiction to World of Warcraft. However, one of my teammates gave me a different outlook on this particular game.

We had created a very competent and compatible team, and I told him I felt pathetic for looking forward to our next gaming session with our other two teammates. He said I needed to get past that thought and look at the scenario through a different perspective. He asked me to imagine how parents would react to a kid who was a chess master. He then asked me to imagine how parents would react to a kid who is good at video games (particularly Starcraft II). How different do people react to the two scenarios?

Starcraft II is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game that involves critical thinking in given circumstances. Nate, my teammate, proposed that Starcraft II is like chess. The faster and better you calculate your moves are and the ability to read through your opponents mind determines who wins the game. Just one or two wrong moves could cost you the entire game. Due to the sheer amount of units in the game and the amount of micromanaging needed, Starcraft II is the fastest game in the world: professionals average 250-350 actions per MINUTE and are focusing on several things at once. The legitimacy of the game has even prompted a Starcraft DeCal course at UC Berkeley.

This isn’t an excuse to defend myself from some deviant, unproductive activity. Of course, it would be unwise to overplay and stray away from my priorities. But until that happens, which it won’t, it’s a great hobby to participate in.

My life for Auir!

P.S. My lack of posting lately hasn’t been due to Starcraft II. School has just ended for me and I’ve been enjoying my summer. This is the truth.

P.P.S. Starcraft pick-up lines in real life.

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