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Interesting people sing their songs.

Hey folks, let’s get a bit educational. “你很有趣!” pinyin “ni3 hen2 you3 qu4!” and pronounced “ni hun yo qu!” means “you’re very interesting” in Mandarin. If you don’t speak a hint of Mandarin, now you have a place to start. With that being said…

As I mentioned in my previous post, I gauge almost every person, including those whom I haven’t yet approached. I focus on their actions and behaviors. When I’ve seen enough, I either make an advancement or divert my attention elsewhere. When meeting someone new, what appeals to me most is how interesting the person is.

First off, judging how interesting someone is based only on simple observations is a bit shallow. To combat that, I usually approach the classified uninteresting-looking individuals just to see if my perceptions were correct. I’m usually wrong within two standard deviations, which is 95%. It’s a statistics term… I’m just applying what I learn in school to sound smart. How pathetic of me.

On the other hand, those who I deem interesting are the ones I really reach out to. From a simple compliment to a silly scripted question to some unintentional stuttering, I attempt anything to break the ice. If all turns out well, I’ve made an acquaintance and possibly a new friend.

I once read a quote: “Surround yourself with people that will only lift you higher.” As someone who enjoys lending my ears, I’ve defined “lifting me higher” as people who teach me things. Things like life stories, Robert being an excellent example. Things like giving me new perspectives and opinions. Things like opposing my viewpoints with justified, comprehensible means. Small things like that.

On the contrary, there are people who I tend to shy away from. Although there are multiple reasons for this behavior, such as my sheer laziness in contacting the latter, I do disassociate myself from some people due to their uninteresting nature. I genuinely believe that everyone has multiple interesting traits; they just don’t critically reflect upon themselves enough to realize it. To put it harshly, I don’t like being around boring, noncontributing people.

As Laurence Fishburne said, “Whales do not sing because they have an answer. They sing because they have a song.” Reflect on yourself and sing your own song. Don’t worry how your song sounds. Those who listen and interpret will come up with their own answer.


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