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Eye see the eyes.

Human interaction intrigues me to no avail. Sometimes I wish I could be invisible so I could literally watch people interact with others. Part of the reason why I enjoy socializing with unfamiliar faces is to, well, study their behaviors. It is through my “experiences” (I hate how I’m currently referring to people as test subjects) that I find, the most interesting physical feature of others are the eyes. In combination with actual spoken words, listening to the eyes is just as, if not more, important in all forms of communication.

Nonverbal communication constitutes a significant portion in conversations. While words are spoken through the lips, other forms of communication slip through the eyes. I love unveiling (or presuming, as some people might accuse me of doing) what people are truly thinking. Because of this, I often pay more attention to a person’s eyes than the words he/she speaks.

This… behavior of mine is not entirely harmless. I sometimes ask probing questions and, in turn, expect a certain reaction. It becomes a game that I play inside my head. Moreover, my aforementioned tendency of paying attention to the person’s eyes sometimes alters the current verbal communication taking place. I dislike asking others to repeat themselves, so I pretend to comprehend their words and give non-conversation-stimulating responses. “I see… Very cool… Ahh.” Yeah. Not very cool at all. My attention was simply elsewhere. Sorry about that.

Eye see the eyes. The eyes reveal so much. Jill could smile, yet her eyes reveal an absolutely gloomy mood. John could mutter certain words, yet his eyes convey quite the opposite. Many eyes reveal lies. From a different standpoint, many eyes actually reveal the truths. Things that people do not want to speak aloud are shown through their eyes; only the attentive and curious seek to unearth it.

I’ve noticed that in myself. It is those that strike me as interesting individuals whom I listen to their eyes rather than their mouths. Hopefully, I don’t look like an idiot in the process.


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