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Onion. At first sight, you aren’t very appealing. No siree, you certainly do not look so. You’re plain, pale, and spherical in shape. No exceptional traits stand out. Moreover, rumors say you are hard to approach due to making people cry. Because of this, you are often overlooked or avoided by many people.

However, those daring enough to approach you do not regret doing so. In taking a bite out of you, they soon find out you provide many health benefits. Your flavonoids help prevent cancer, diarrhea, and also include antioxidant abilities. These benefits are actually readily available on your outer layers. Most people that dare to sample you eventually become addicted, for you are definitely an acquired taste.

You are the opposite of refined sugars and saturated fats. Instead of clogging up the arteries or spiking insulin levels, your sulfur compounds have anti-clogging properties that discourage arteries from suffocating prematurely. Instead of destroying the body’s organs and muscle tissue, you instead increase bone density; this trait especially provides exclusive benefits to women of menopausal age.

Finally, as hinted earlier, you have several layers. Those who aren’t as daring only bite down on the first couple layers. The serious ones, in contrast, consume you in your entirety. Although you’re quite bitter in raw form, adding a little spice, grilling you over the fire, or including you in a variety of other foods makes you an awesome treat. Those that stick around realize that you, in fact, leave a remarkable impression – it’s most noticeable in their breaths. Whew, you stink!

Onion, you are a healthy addition to anyone’s lives. Many people realize this, but just as many don’t. Those that don’t, unfortunately, might not feel so inclined to find out about your potential health benefits. Perhaps you should throw yourself off the shelves and introduce yourself to their lives. Show them what you’re made of!

As someone who has learned to love you, I am a walking, talking, living testimony: Onion is good for everyone’s lives. With the exception of somehow overdosing on you, which has [most likely] never occured, you are considered to be one of the super foods of Earth. Trust me when I say this people: Onion looks to be plain, pale, and spherical… but in actuality, it’s pure, powerful, and a near-perfect food.


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