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Social significance: dining with others.

Half a year ago, I was told that the event in which people are most intimate with one another isn’t by getting drunk. It isn’t when having sex. On the contrary, it is when you engage in fine dining with other people. The act of consuming food and beverages while interacting with the participants is when intimacy is at its highest level. I wholeheartedly agree with this notion.

Despite what many people think, I am a huge food lover. I eat almost anything with the exception of shiitake mushrooms *hint hint*. For that very reason, I appear at every event in which food is involved. Tonight, I had the pleasure of being reacquainted with old family friends that I hadn’t seen in over a decade. We ate at King’s Fish House in Anaheim.

The decade long hiatus didn’t deter me from socializing with the folks.  Conversations about our current life prospects ensued while alcohol and appetizers were being consumed. Oh, how things have changed. Apparently, I had a crush on one of the girls when I was 5 years old. She’s now 25 years old, and her sister is engaged at the age of 30. I’m glad to say that I have good taste, for she’s an attractive woman.

This photo does not do the seafood and the company justice, but a lackluster photo is better than none at all.

Going back to the aforementioned theory, the highest level of intimacy is achieved only through eating. There were nine of us, and I only knew (or remembered) three of the individuals. However, in the 2.5 hours of eating and conversing, I felt incredibly comfortable with all of them. The only times when verbal communication ceased was when food was being chewed; even then, the ambiance of the restaurant was more than enough to compensate.

Tonight was just a single example of the importance of dining with others. Albeit I am one person, I relate best to people when food is involved. Whether it be at picnics, family outings, BBQs, or social gatherings, making deeper connections with others begins with eating. Getting drunk from alcohol has its pros, but developing deeper relationships with people isn’t amongst them. Although not a necessity, moderate alcohol consumption combined with food creates meaningful connections with others.

Do yourself a favor. Either buy some groceries and make quality food, find a quality restaurant, or bum food off a social event. If you take these words to heart, you will find the time well spent. If you’re having trouble finding a noteworthy place to eat, become my friend. It’s best to avoid me, however, when I’m dieting; I only “cheat” (deter from my diet) once a week. If you don’t want to befriend me, Yelp would gladly become your best friend.

P.S. I am currently dieting. Tonight was my cheat.


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