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Random things you didn’t know about me (#2).

This is the second completely-random-things-about-me post. This next list continues on from my first post. Similar to the first post, this list isn’t cliche with simple, silly things like “I really like elevators.” Up until now, nobody has known a few of these things about me. Very few people know the others in the list. Here are a dozen more things that you [most likely] didn’t know about me.

1. My mind thinks of many, many subjects every minute. I forget a majority of them every second. In order to remember the ones that I really want to retain, I jot down a small note and save it as a Draft in my phone. The only reason why this is first on the list was because I went to my Drafts section and saw it. Oh, the irony.

2. When I write on a sheet of paper, I write the letter “I” two different ways: I and l. When it is a standalone letter, I will cross my I’s. When it is part of a word, I write it as l. The only time the word uses crossed I’s is when the subsequent letters are L’s. Ie: Illiterate instead of llliterate.

3. When driving alone, I almost never look directly in front of me. As I stated in my previous post, I count objects by grinding my teeth (or twitching my fingers, I forgot to add). Most of the time, I’m looking several degrees to the left, just above the dashboard. This is because I’m counting road lines. Don’t worry, I can see what’s ahead with peripheral vision.

4. Many of my friends already know this one: When I eat out at restaurants, I don’t like reading the menu; everything looks delicious. Instead, I either have my friends or the waiter/waitress order something for me. Often to their reluctance, I demand they do it.

5. On occasion, I set long-term goals for myself. These goals are often preceded by sudden, random epiphanies. Past goals have included: counting every single calorie ingested for 209 days, avoiding the consumption of alcohol for 3 months, no smoking for 95 days.

6. I am trilingual. I can read, write, and speak English. I can read and write Chinese. I can speak and understand Mandarin. I can understand Taiwanese, but not perfectly. I suppose I’m quadlingle, if you include the F (23%) I received in Spanish 2 in my freshman year of high school.

7. My ear drums are very sensitive. When sampling friends’ iPods, I always have to turn down the volume by several clicks. I often request my friends and family to lower their voices because my ears will hurt. This one might seem far-fetched, but I can often hear the TV sound frequency. It’s a very painful screech. Perhaps other people hear it too; I’ve never asked anyone else.

8. If you met me less than four years ago, you probably don’t know this. I am a [former] computer game guru. I played World of Warcraft (WoW) competitively for a few years, and was ranked amongst the top 0.5% of the entire population of over ten million people. I was addicted. Before WoW came out, I was arguably considered to be the best player in the popular Starcraft: Broodwar map “Sniper Paintball.” Til this day, I still play computer games. I casually play Starcraft II, and am currently ranked #3 and #1 in 2vs2 and 3vs3 brackets, respectively.

9. I frequently roll my window down all the way at a traffic light. As the light turns green, I roll the windows back up and drive off. While driving, my windows are almost never down. I never noticed this habit of mine until a friend riding shotgun pointed it out.

10. I absolutely hate writing in pen. I’ve been told I have extremely neat handwriting, but it is opposite when I write in ink. I actually erase whole words or underlines when it awkwardly stands out of the paper.

Pen. Mexico trip notes. (I wrote some more about it today!)

Pencil. My friend is currently borrowing my macroeconomics notebook; The handwriting in that class is twice as good as in this photo.

11. My long term memory retains odd information. I still remember my neighbors phone number that I acquired at the age of 7-8. I still remember my many locker combinations from 7th grade through high school. Strangely, I could only remember many of them when put on the spot. I have over a dozen different passwords for websites; I only remember many of them when I’m on the log-in screen.

12. I have to follow a specific procedure to fall asleep. If not, I’ll squirm in bed for a long time. I first lie down on my stomach. I have two pillows stacked on top of another. One of my hands goes in between the pillows, and my head rests on the top pillow. If the pillows were removed, it looks as if I’m facepalming myself.

That concludes this self-centered post. Hope you found this list interesting!


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