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Getting back into the zone.

Hello readers, I haven’t written a post in a while. I’ve been both busy and lazy in the latter half of winter break. With school starting now, I’ll have more of an excuse to write a blog rather than do school work.

I have five classes this semester, with four on Monday/Wednesdays and the last one on Tuesday/Thursdays. My work schedule is currently on Thursday/Fridays. That being said, I’m still feeling residual from last night so this will be a casual get-to-know-random-facts-about-me post.

1. A pet peeve of mine is when papers are stapled horizontally or deep inside the corner of the page. I staple my papers vertically and as near the edge as possible. It makes it easier to flip the pages.

2. If given the opportunity, I will always walk up a flight of stairs rather than take the elevator.

3. I don’t like keeping my hands freely by my side. I try resting my elbows on a stationary object. If possible, I would raise my entire arm and rest it on the seat frame, person’s shoulders, balcony, etc..

4. If I had a choice as a passenger in a vehicle, I’d sit on the right side of the car. I’m not a big fan of sitting behind the driver.

5. I can’t do school work unless I feel pressured. For the past three years, I write my essays, study for tests, and complete projects 0-2 days before the due date.

6. I count sequentially at random things. When in a car, I would count the lines on the road, light poles on the street, uniform trees/plants, etc.. To count those objects, I would very lightly grind my teeth back and forth. It creates a sort of musical symphony with no real meaning.

7. I am physically unable to sit cross-legged.

8. I do not like talking loudly. I also don’t like repeating myself. This poses a conflict: my normal voice typically requires the listener to ask me to repeat myself. Therefore, I actively talk louder than I prefer. If we’ve held a conversation in a non-library setting before, you’ve witnessed me talking louder than I prefer.

9. I buzz/shave my head for two reasons. I have a spherical head, so buzzing/shaving it seems appropriate. I have also cut my own hair since 7th grade, so it’s also the easiest way to maintain my hair. It becomes repetitive at times, so I’ve experimented a few times before.

Half mohawk. Senior year in high school.

10. I am brutally blunt when it comes to test taking. If I feel undeserving of a test, I will let the teacher know so through… unique means. For AP Art History in my high school sophomore year, I wrote 10 different ways of “I don’t know” on the test. Some of the answers were written in Chinese. For my Asian-American History class last semester, I drew stick figures (representing me) being lynched on a quiz. The stick figure’s last words were “I don’t know… Sorry.” I wish I had saved the photograph as evidence.

11. I am a lifelong veteran at doodling in classroom settings. Some drawings are very loosely based on the lecture. Others are completely random.

OBVIOUSLY unrelated to the course.

OBVIOUSLY related to the course.

I think that’s enough self-centeredness in one post. I’ll try to start posting actively once again. Thanks for reading!


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