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Saline the ocean waters.

The title may have confused some of you; no words have been misspelled. In medical terms, saline is a liquid solution composed of sodium chloride in water. It is often placed intravenously (IV) into a patient. Sailing, on the other hand, is an activity that involves being on a boat. Both words are quite interchangeable, as sailing involves being in the water, and saline is salt water. Salt water in the ocean. Quite genius with the play on words, I know… I am high [on life, ahem] after all.

I sailed the Long Beach coastline today with some great friends. Since the Mexico trip, the captain and I kept in touch and became good friends. I had been planning this trip since October, but extraneous variables prevented us from sailing until this month. The delay was worth the wait.

I always thought that professional photography of nature was, well, professional… up until I started taking pictures on my own. Beauty is everywhere and can be recreated by anyone.

Sailing the Pacific ocean waters is an activity I’ve been very fortunate enough to experience, and I was accompanied by several friends this time whom were all thrilled to join me. We sailed around the Long Beach coastline for just over three hours and enjoyed the sun, the breeze, and the ocean waves and ambiance. Many of them steered the ship and helped out with boating protocol. For most of them, this was a first time experience; a couple have been on large ships, which is altogether a different scenario.

I was told today that I display much optimism and enthusiasm in my writing. I agree with that person. Having my friends finally see a glimpse of my summer boating experience meant a lot to me. Instead of enduring my tall tales of the “Night of Terror” with my wild hand motions, they witnessed it firsthand by sailing on the Pacifico. I shared my day and a big part of my life (sailing) with my friends. That, to me, was the biggest reward for the day. As I eloquently state from time to time, the giver is the true receiver.

Video footage for the entire day: HERE

I’ve been lagging for half a year now, but I believe I am ready to really continue (and eventually finish) writing the entire Mexico story. In the meantime, future sailing plans will be made! I thank everyone who helped made my day a very valuable one.


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