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A formal introduction for Andycology.

This post is 6 months overdue. I never imagined I’d have blogged for this long, gained the readers that I have, and enjoy writing to this extent. This post is for both current and potential future readers and fully explains what my blog, which I’ve named Andycology, is about.

First off, the origins of Andycology came very suddenly. I was severely upset one night and wanted to mitigate some of my emotions. Upon waking up the next morning, I created a Tumblr account and wrote my first blog. For the next month or so, I blogged through multiple mediums, including writing, quotes, pictures, and videos. This continued on up until my summer Mexico trip.

Upon coming back from Mexico, I started shifting my means of communication strictly to writing. My posts were no longer summaries of my week or of short, random excerpts; they became full length descriptions of my observations, experiences, ideology, and current thought processes. Some posts would discuss things I had already witnessed. I would talk about subjects that originated from my dreams in one post, then talk about my thoughts in another post. Some posts talked about my thoughts on a particular subject or event. For the most part, my posts had unfiltered language and a mature tone. Some of those posts were accompanied by a picture that helped stimulate the reader’s imagination, but most were largely walls of text.

As I gained more readers, I began to address the language and tone in accordance to a wider audience. Andycology no longer contained profanity, for parents and their children (according to the former) read my writing. I became more attentive to the subject matter of my posts, being careful not to deliberately insult or offend certain groups of people. To maintain anonymity, I stopped revealing the names (especially last names) of people that I wrote about.

All of that shaped Andycology into what it is today. I write for others. If nobody read my writing, I would undoubtedly cease to do so. Knowing that some people enjoy my writing motivates me to continue publishing blog posts.

This is the brief subtitle of my blog:

I am a kid, I am an adult. I am dynamic, I am static. I am Yin, I am Yang. I think critically, I lack common sense. I am id, I am ego. I am the the protagonist of my own life. I dictate every action taken. I control the pace of everything, for I am who I am. Bookmark or subscribe to Andycology to get a daily dosage of me.

As stated before, my posts are a combination of my observations, experiences, ideology, and current thought processes. Each post is retained by me. The interpretations, the analysis, and the mindset is all my own. I believe that all my posts reveal a bit about who I am – thus, that is why the title of my page is called Andycology.

I’m sure it is quite obvious, but I love writing. Though it is not the primary reason, blogging is another way for me to practice and improve my English writing. Writing is a great way of communicating, and I believe that effective communication is a very important and valuable trait to have. I’m here, as a writer and as a human being, to communicate my aforementioned blog topics to you.

Krillin approves. Yes, that is me.

So there you have it, folks. A very, very long overdue post about Andycology. I believe I have around 70 consistent readers, ranging from junior high school kids and grandparents to college professors and those who coincidentally found me. I greatly appreciate your support, and I’m glad you read my writing!


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