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Skiing at Mountain High: my many failures in a single day.

Snow: it’s been three years since I’ve seen, felt, and stepped on it. Three years, up until the Mountain High trip. I’ve missed skiing. This year’s mountain trip (12/30/10) was very peculiar. It was just a one day trip, and I don’t recall ever doing that; past trips to the mountain involved staying overnight for at least a day. However, the trip felt as if it was two days.

Before I start the story, I must first say something. I hadn’t slept the entire night. I couldn’t fall asleep, and the alarm went off right when I was dozing off. I got out of bed at 4:20am (and according to one friend, “You would set your alarm to 4:20”) and drove to my friend’s house. From there, we ate breakfast while waiting for the last friend to come. After she arrived and ate breakfast, we took off at around 6:00am.

Because I saved the directions on my phone, I became the default direction-giver. For that reason, the GPS wasn’t being used. However, after we merged onto the 15N, conversations ensued and I forgot to continue dispensing further directions. Apparently, I’m very dysfunctional and dyslexic when I am sleep deprived; while Mountain High was to our left, I said “The mountains are at a 90 degree angle perpendicular to us.” I was then teased for several minutes. After the mountains were far past us, the driver made a discontented remark about the desert-y terrain surrounding us. It was at that moment when I realized we had missed our exit by over ten miles. Throughout the rest of this blog, you’ll continuously read more sleep-deprived-Andy-mishaps.

Following that 25 minute delay, we entered the 2 highway (entrance to Mountain High) around 7:30am. From there, it took two hours to travel almost nine miles inland. The parking lot was completely full by 7:00am, and we had to park a long distance outside of the East parking lot. I had a bottle of water, and because we hadn’t hydrated ourselves (coffee for breakfast is counter intuitive), I forced the others to share ¼ of the bottle each. We then spent almost ten minutes walking to the resort.

It took two of us 1.5 hours to rent our equipment; the other lucky two own their snowboarding equipment. Speaking of snowboarding, I’ve snowboarded twice and will never go back to it. I’ve skied around 10 separate times now (I looked up how to spell the past tense of ski, and ‘skied’ seems very awkward). It confuses me why the majority of people prefer snowboarding over skiing. There must have been 80% snowboarders in comparison with the latter at 20%.

On top of the summit, ~8000 feet high.

The actual fun began at noon. Although we hadn’t eaten in six hours, we chose to board the lifts on an empty stomach. I also forgot to get ski poles, so moving at surface-level terrain was painfully difficult. After getting reacquainted with skis on a beginner slopes, we then went on the intermediate and advanced slopes. Mountain High has an abundance of ramps/jumps, and I jumped off a fair share of them. Here’s another Andy-slip: while sitting on the gondola, we were talking/joking about dodging trees. I mistakenly said aloud “dodge treeing.” Teasing ensued…

Because the park was so packed, there was an abundance of people waiting outside each lift. Only until the latter half of the day did the lines dwindle down, but that was when we were almost done for the day. On our last lift, I took out the camera to record myself skiing down the slopes. After I managed to take the camera out and secure it around my hand, I turned around to look for my friends. They disappeared.

I waited over five minutes, but I couldn’t find them. I then approached a girl in a mask and squinted my eyes through her goggles. She was no more than five feet away from me when I did this. Woops, wrong person. After waiting a few more minutes, I skied down while recording. All was well, until a snowboarder lost control and ran into me. I didn’t realize it until later, but I accidentally stopped recording upon impact. You could see the footage in the second half of my video (link is below). Afterward, I waited in the central lift area, but could not find them. Long story short, I found them almost an hour later while I had been roaming around in the entrance; They had entered the first aid room atop the summit while I had been obliviously fondling with my camera.

After waiting for the shuttle to transport us back to the first resort, we returned the rental equipment. One of my friends wore jeans and sweats, and the snow had soaked through them. Being the nice friend that I was, I offered to “take my pants off for her” (yes, that is what I said. ha ha…). Oh, I wore three layers of pants, so it’s still PG – nice try though. After she went to the bathroom to change, I realized I lost my wallet. I searched through my entire torso while panic slowly sunk in. I then ran out of the restroom area and sprinted toward the rental room. The door was locked. I went into the side window and banged on the door while yelling “wallet” to the workers. They could not comprehend my words and gestures through the thick windows. I was about to call my home to cancel the credit card  when I heard a voice yelling “I have it, Andy!” Turns out I had left my wallet in the pants that I offered to my friend… She had even told me so as I walked off toward the bathroom. Apparently, I did not hear her.

The short video compilation: Skiing on Mountain High

It was around 5:30pm when we finally took off in the car. The four of us hadn’t eaten in 12 hours. The only water we had for the whole day was sharing the single water bottle. Two of us hadn’t slept for two days, me being amongst one; the other two had half an hour and five hours of sleep, respectively. Good thing they were the two drivers. We were tired, thirsty, and hungry. After getting back to OC, we ate a salad, chicken wings, and pizza. I drank four glasses of water. I made several more delusional and delirious comments, but I’ve now italicized eleven failures; I don’t think relaying more of my failures is necessary. After dinner, we drove back to the house and parted ways. From what I remember, I got home when it was around 9:00pm.

Though being sleep deprived and exhausted may have been an influence in my reasoning, it really did not feel like a single day. Irregardless, it was an extremely fun day. The four hours of actual skiing was well worth the entire trip. I cannot wait for the next trip. My final words for entire trip: Skiing > Snowboarding. Just kidding. But seriously.


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