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The decent people that one comes across in his/her lifetime.

Let’s talk negativity and get that out of the way first. I hate my rearview mirror. It didn’t want to serve its purpose of keeping the driver (me) alive anymore, so it took a plunge towards my dashboard FOUR times in the summer. After trying three adhesive glues specifically made for rearview mirrors, I desperately resorted to Krazy Glue. It stuck on for half a year, and decided to fail me a week ago. It cratered on my dashboard once more. That marked five failures.

Yesterday, I went back to Autozone for the 6th time and got a substance that, according to the salesperson, “is in a whole different league than Krazy Glue.” I came home, read the instructions, followed the procedure, and waited three hours for the epoxy to dry. Three hours later, while inserting the rearview mirror, the attachment snaps right off. I became extremely frustrated and didn’t want to deal with it anymore.

Today, I took my car to Jay Auto for an oil change. My family owns four vehicles, and each one gets taken there for maintenance. For those who don’t know, my car is slowly falling apart. I asked Jay (the boss) and Jay (a young worker there) for an oil change, and asked him if he could fix my left headlight (that falls out of the socket) and rearview mirror. The boss worked on my headlights while the younger mechanic cleaned off the windshield and mirror and used my epoxy substance to re-attach it. Afterward, they provided an oil change and checked the tires.

When all was said and done, I was expecting to pay a high double digits and was ready to haggle. Jay says that the final price is $25, which is what we always pay for an oil change (which is very cheap). They didn’t charge me for the extra labor and LOTS of additional time spent on the headlights and rearview mirror; they also had customers with their vehicles waiting to get serviced.

I was taken back by their kindness. Words cannot emphasize how pleased I was. They really made my day. If you ever have a problem with your vehicle, I highly recommend Jay Auto. They’re located on Gilbert, just south of Malvern on the left hand side.

See? The negativity in this post has now been surpassed and overtaken by such positive emotions. There’s no time to drown in my tears of happiness though, because another six-foot wave of decent people is about to crash down on you.

In my senior year of high school, three years ago, I grew close with a particular group of people. Three of them include Jamie, Andrew, and David. After graduating high school, the four of us went down very different paths. Fullerton College, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, and UC San Diego. I am the non-UC guy because I am a deviant. Because of college and personal lives, seeing these guys became a luxury. With the exception of David, whom I’ve seen two or three times this year, I hadn’t seen Andrew and Jamie in over a year.

Three years ago: Jamie, Andrew, Me, and David. This is just a peace sign… we really don’t take pictures like this.

I saw the three of them tonight. Andrew is having a significant change in his life, and his future plans have changed. We had dinner at a sushi joint and talked for over four hours. It was a great four hours. Andrew even humored the rest of us for two straight minutes when his full scoop of ice cream fell from the cone. Good going there buddy. After we parted, I picked up another friend whom I hadn’t seen since summer. She goes to UCLA, and we also caught up on our lives.

I don’t see these people often. In fact, I don’t see many of my close friends very often. However, the quality of each of our rare encounters far exceeds a large quantity of meaningless ones. Although I don’t see them every day, they still play a significant role in my life. The people at Jay Auto really made my day. Andrew, Jamie, David, and Christine were icing on the cake.

Everyone comes across decent people in his/her lifetime. I’m glad that these people were part of my what-would-have-been-just-another-normal day.


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