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Life happens: being considerate of your actions.

I was informed tonight of some interesting but extremely sad news. Before I tell that story though, I wanted to tell another semi-related story.

Several weeks ago, a friend of mine was driving on the road when someone in the adjacent intersection ran a red light. In order to a collision with the driver, my friend swerved and lost control of her vehicle. Her car slipped, tumbled, plummeted through a metal fence, and landed in a grass yard. She missed a steel rod by inches, and she missed hitting a tree by a few feet. Other than the trauma and some cuts and bruises, she was okay. The other driver never stopped, like the coward he/she was.

Because she had first explained it to me via the internet, I took it with a grain of sand. Only after she showed me the pictures of her totaled car and explained it to me in greater detail did I realize how fortunate she was to leave the scene relatively unscathed. I’m glad she’s okay.

Now, what I learned tonight was discomforting. Over a year ago, a friend of mine went away. He told me that he was moving to Australia due to legal issues. Tonight, I learned the sad, sad truth.

My friend had been horseback riding with his daughter. While they were crossing the intersection, two street racers ran a red light and hit his daughter’s horse. Both the horse and his daughter died. Having been strapped, his immediate reaction was to shoot the driver in the face; he killed the driver.

For the last year, he had been in jail fighting the case. The court ruled him innocent not too long ago, and he has been released since then. Needless to say, he’s a completely changed person. His daughter was killed right before his eyes, and he murdered the perpetrator. It greatly saddens me hearing this news. Although I don’t want to compare these two stories with each other, it would have most definitely been better had his situation been less severe like the former.

It’s one thing to see/hear these events happen to people I don’t know, whether it be through the media or by word of mouth. But, it’s entirely different when I hear these things about people I personally know. My two friends had no control over the events that unfolded before them. I’m sure that neither of them wanted to be in their situations, but bad things happen to people. Life happens to people.

This subsequent message is to anyone who has displayed reckless behavior in the past. That includes everyone I know, including myself (on many, many occasions).

Almost anything you do will have consequences on other people, both good and bad. Slow down and think about the reactions to your every action. Think about how it will affect those people. Finally, ask yourself a simple question: is it worth it?


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