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Quiet on the set! Sound! And… Action!

For the past week, I’ve endeavored in a long lost hobby. My friend, a film major, asked me to participate in a short production.

I love acting. Since my freshman year in high school, I had been involved in ~10 films; all of them were directed by my ex next-door neighbor. The last film was in January of my senior year in high school. I’ve missed it oh so much.

Because this was my first time working with different directors, this was a new experience for me. Instead of working with just one director, there were now three. The equipment was more professional compared to the high school years as well.

I don’t want to give many spoilers, so here is the general concept of the script. It’s a film noir, which is a classic crime drama. There were five days of filming, shot at various locations: Ontario, Downtown Fullerton, Anaheim, and Fullerton College. I play as the main protagonist, and my name is Johnny.

Jules and Johnny, Day 1 of filming.

So, three final cuts will be released in around two weeks. There are three directors in the group, and each person has to edit his/her video based on the same captured footage.

This past weekend was incredibly fun. Everyone who participated was extremely fun and care free, yet determined and articulate. Every actor, in my opinion, was excellent; I individually found out all the actors were/are in theater, past experience in films, and commercials. It was a pleasure working with them, and I felt that we connected very well.

I can’t wait til the final product is finished. I will link it to you all once it has been released!


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