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I’ll keep bleeding for you.

For the last 27 months, I’ve received monthly phone calls from a certain organization. At first, I gently declined their requisitions. In time, my patience dwindled down and it became a hassle to reply to them. The tattoos were excellent and valid excuses to not being able to help them, but they still remained persistent with calls.

I ran out of excuses five months ago in July. Any rejection thereafter would have been a lie. But, they never called during the summer. I was surprisingly anxious for their call.

Instead, the American Red Cross started contacting me again this Fall. Because of extraneous conflicts, I wasn’t able to donate blood again until yesterday. It marked my second donation.

It’s amazing how fast the human body reproduces blood. One pint of blood was taken out of me. Yet, according to scientific data, the red blood cells get entirely replenished within 4-6 weeks.

They label me as O positive. They say my blood is always in high demand. They’re always calling. I was selfish for the past two and a half years. Even though I was incapable of donating blood for two of those years (due to the tattoos), my attitude towards their “annoying” calls was sour. I had always advocated for human beings to collectively help each other, yet I was unwilling to sacrifice half an hour of time every 4-6 weeks.

That mentality has ended. I made a silent vow to myself at the gym today: I’m going to bleed a human being. The average person contains 10 pints of blood, so I’ll donate at least eight more times throughout my life. I hope to greatly exceed that number.

Bushes that have been trimmed grow back in time. Hair that has been cut lengthens in time. Blood that has been lost are replaced in time. I’ll keep bleeding for you, because you (the donors) need it more than I do.

P.S. Wouldn’t it be great if the blood from scabs, bloody noses, and popped pimples could be donated as well? JUST KIDDING. Seriously though… the donors wouldn’t know where the source of the blood came from, so who cares? JUST KIDDING.


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