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Fail Blog — Literally.

Fail of the month starring Jackie Napalan and Andy Cheng.
Conversation held between 925-958pm via text messaging.

J: Whats a good size and price of an external hard drive?
A: Anywhere from 250gb-1tb. 1gb holds like…. 300 Songs or 1 movie as a reference.
J: K cool. What’s a good price for a 250gb ex hard drive? I was planning to buy one on black Friday
A: 1Tb (1000gb) 100$. 320Gb 60$, 250gb 40-50, 500gb 60-80$, 720gb 70-90$
J: So how does it work if I have a laptop? Will I only be able to access my songs if the ex hard drive is plugged in?
A: yes. u can only access anything in external when its plugged in. Noone puts songs in external except as backup files. Movies n games n documents n pictures usually go there. Songs left in laptop.
J: I See.. I’m not sure what if taking up all my memory though… How can I find out what I should to move into the hard drive?
A: By using…. Common sense. Lol.
J: But I think mainly what’s taking up my memory are songs…. 0_o what do I do then
A: then ur f***ed. Hahahaha. Ur hard drive is so small..
J: So I have 3.07 GB… And currently using 1.37….
A: holy f**** HAHA. how old is that laptop? Even 8 year old ones have at least 250gb in them.
J: 2007? -__- I don’t know…. On this CPU-z program it says that’s how much memory I have.. Then on task manager I said I was using 1.37…. Why is it so little? Is this normal?!
A: You’ve got to be kidding me, memory and hard drive space are completely diff. U noob. 3gb RAM (memory) is great. Omg… Lol
J: 😦 I’m a noob!!!!!! :(:( but at least I’m learning. How do I find how much hard drive space I originally had?
A: by going to My Computer and left clicking your C drive.. Or w/e drive its lettered as… Lololol im laughing so hard
J: Stfu!!!! I’m a noob… Don’t tell my computers information systems teacher… 😦
A: i won’t Im just currently telling all of facebook.
J: Total of 221.. Available space is 132…
J: Omg:(
J: -________________- fail 😦


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