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Never get caught slippin’.

A friend once said that to me. “Never get caught slippin’.” Over a year later, I found out that I interpreted it much differently than his original context. Nonetheless, I abide by this saying today, amongst many others.

Never get caught slippin’.

What this means is to never show your weaknesses and vulnerabilities to others. It’s absolutely foolish to state that someone is perfect, for everyone has their flaws. However, I choose to reveal them as little as possible.

I don’t like showing signs of weakness. I’ve done so many times in the past, and it served no good. Thinking back to the early chapters in the manga/anime series Naruto, Inari was a crybaby in the Land of Waves. [Before I continue on with this story, get it out of your system that I am geeky or nerdy. I truly enjoy and frequently analyze both the morals and themes of the Naruto series.] Naruto angrily slaps Inari in the head and tells him to stop crying all the time; it is counter-productive and serves no purpose.

*We won’t ever know if he still cries because he never no longer shows that side of him.

Applying the moral of that chapter to real life, I mostly agree with Naruto. Instead of showing your weaknesses and hoping for sympathy, sorrow, or assistance amongst peers, I would rather step up to the challenge of overcoming the hardships on my own. My peers and family members could aid me in the process, of course, but I should never heavily rely on them to complete the task for me.

I am only human. We’re all only human beings, actually. [Re-reading this subsequent paragraph, I feel as though my poetic padding is quite cheesy. Sorry folks, you’ll have to endure.] Ideally, we should never get caught slippin’. But, when the stepping stones become extra slippery, having a person or two to hold onto greatly helps. Having additional persons may actually produce unwanted results. It will actually hurt more than it helps someone.

Think about it. Does having more than 1-2 confidants really benefit you? Do you need to reveal your dilemmas, secrets, and/or vulnerabilities to more than 1-2 trustees? If you still have trouble grabbing this concept, here are a couple analogies that may bolster your alpha waves.

  • Do you really need more than one or two managers at your workplace? (Imagine taking orders from 7 bosses.)
  • Would it be better having a sufficient amount or an abundance of workers in an assembly line? (IE: 0.5 workers for every sq. meter of space versus 3 workers per every sq. meter of space.)

I’d like to conclude with a reminder: The concept of “never get caught slippin’” is how I personally approach life. It is not “the” correct way; it is merely “a” way that works for me. I’ve found good people to confide in. I sincerely hope that all of you have found or will find them too.

Thanks for reading folks.


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