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What inspires me to write?

Random blog of the day, for my thoughts wandered this morning as I was studying for a midterm.

Someone asked me this question a couple of weeks ago. In answering his question, I said that my writings are almost entirely the culmination of random thoughts, experiences I encounter, and dreams I remember. However, I woke up today and realized that my answer only touched the surface of the answer – what really inspires me to write are… cheesy answer incoming… … … people.

I realized these two statements this morning: 1. My writings are inspired by people. 2. My writings are for people.

Without other people giving me insights, experiences, and invading my dreams, I wouldn’t have anything to write about. Sure, I could write about the asphalt on the roads or the beauty of California’s landscapes. Unfortunately, asphalt is created by human beings, and the same people associate scenery with beauty. The same people stimulate my imagination in dreaming about drowning in in a sea of Listerine, being chased and killed by my neighbor’s chain-smoking father, and flying ten feet over ground level as Krillin from Dragon Ball. The same goes for professors giving me academic writing. There is no doubt in my mind that, if I were the only remaining human being on earth, there would be no incentive to write.

Conversely, I write for people. Every one of my posts is directed toward at least one person. For the sake of confidentiality, and unless I [believe I] have their consent, their names remain anonymous. If you, fellow reader, have read any of my posts and felt it pertained directly to you, then that post was for you. I’m not going to sound poetic and superficial and say that I write for myself – the truth is, I write for other people. For my readers. For my friends and family. If you’ve followed me from the getgo, you may ask, “How does your first post relate to another person?” Truth be told, the metaphor in that first post was of a person!

P.S. I love retaining many of my dreams (almost at least one every sleeping session). I have weird dreams.


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