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If I had three wishes… I’d rather just have one.

If I could have three not-so-dimwitted wishes granted, they would be the following:

1. Know the meaning of life.
2. Have every single bug, especially mosquitoes, avoid my family, friends, and I alone FOREVER.
3. Free the genie.

Now… If I could have only one absolutely absurd and limitless wish, it would be:

To be able to shrink to the size of a nanometer, and to be able to expand to the size of the Sombrero galaxy (50,000 light years across). To be able to breathe interstellar stardust, and to be able to travel around in deep space. I want to see the entire universe. I want to explore every single asteroid, comet, planet, star, nebula, star cluster, galaxy, galaxy cluster, and empty space. Lastly, If black holes can’t kill me, I want to die by suffocating in the outer atmosphere.

Very few people know this about me; I have a peculiar love for astronomy and outer space. I own a rusty reflector telescope that has not been put to use for two years – Orange County’s light pollution is to blame for that. Oh, how it would be amazing to be launched into space in my last minutes of life, and taking off the helmet to suffocate.


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