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Appreciating good writing.

Hello fellow readers. Tonight’s post will be about appreciating effective communication – namely writing. I will talk about my experiences thus far as a tutor, student, listener, and former-professional writer.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m an English tutor at Fullerton College. At the beginning of the semester, my colleagues and I underwent training before we could tutor students. Part of the protocol involved observing each other getting tutored on a diagnostic paper we wrote. We also had to observe faculty tutors tutoring students.

One of my colleagues observed my session with one of the faculty tutors. Afterward, she said that observing my session with the professor reaffirmed her belief of appreciating good writing. I took that as a compliment and was flustered, but I realized that I wholeheartedly agreed.

I’ve had an interesting set of clientele this week, and it made me truly appreciate good writing. I get great pleasure guiding the students that need help with their writing, but I get greater joy reading a well constructed sentence, successfully presented arguments, great word choices, and well-rounded essays. I’ve tutored a shy black student, a tall volleyball player, a foreign Korean student. I’ve tutored an ESL student, a student in Developmental Writing, a student prepping for College Writing, a student in College Writing. I’ve had disappointing sessions where I felt unproductive. I’ve had extremely satisfying sessions.

I’ve felt similar emotions in my Chicano Ethnic Studies course. In that class, every student has had to write an essay and read it aloud to the entire class. There have been a number of students in there who – judging by their appearances (how horrible of me) – may not seem like the most motivated students. However, they left me completely speechless after presenting their essays. Not only were a couple readers extremely charismatic, their essays were constructed so well.

Lastly, I wanted to talk about my experiences writing for Examiner is a website based on writers, journalists, and enthusiasts writing locally about a certain topic. For example, I wrote about diet and exercise based articles for Santa Ana. I hated it.

I was severely limited writing for the website. For one, my topics were exclusively based on dieting and exercising. That may not seem like a problem, but here was what hindered my ability to exercise my freedom of speech: the “local” aspect. Each article had to address the local crowd, which means I had to write something that related to people in Orange County. Anything else was considered null and void. I hated it a lot, and stopped writing not long after I got hired.

Appreciate good communication, folks. Human beings are social creatures, and effective communication plays such a crucial role in our lives. It could expand your social networking. It could minimize confusion and frustration. It could control people’s emotions. It could control people’s lives (think of Malcolm X, Hitler, Mussolini). Writing is an aspect of communication – remember that.

Thank you for reading, fellow followers.


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