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Equality between both sexes: can & should it be achieved?

Hello folks. I’ve been thinking about this topic for a long time – can equality be achieved between men and women? If it’s possible, should it be achieved?

Before you condemn me of being a sexist or an anti-feminist, think about the following concerns I have. In my eyes, there are both benefits and drawbacks of achieving equality. I’m no expert on this political topic; rather, I’m giving personal insights that I’ve been thinking about on a random basis.

Marriage: How will couples be addressed if she is married? If women were not to inherit her husband’s name, what will she be called? Some may say that she could hyphenate both her maiden name and her husband’s name, but the husband would have to do the same. There may also be problems with which last name would go first. Example: Larry Gonzalez & Mary Warden. Would it be Warden-Gonzalez or Gonzalez-Warden? Would it be something else, rather?

Dating: Tradition says that males should take the initiative in asking women out. If the world were completely equal, women will have to put in equal efforts to do the same.

Slangs & Sayings: No longer could people say phrases like “You the man!” and “Macho man.” and “Just because I’m a girl…” Such descriptive words would imply sexism.

Chivalry: This was the dilemma that caused me to think of this blog post. Many people believe in chivalrous actions taken by men. To be polite and courteous to women implies being a “true” man. Suppose equality was enforced, these actions would be void.

Masculinity versus Femininity: These behaviors would cease to exist. There would be no tolerance for being a “manly man” or a “girly girl.”

Benefits for certain sexes: Women would no longer get into clubs free, while men pay $20. It’s also only fair that women are allowed a maximum of one orgasm per session. Either that, or men need to evolve and be have multiple orgasms in a row. That was a joke.

Language and Writing Composition: In the Chinese language, the symbol for “male” is “他”, whereas the female character is “她”. However, groups of people would be “他們”. The male symbol always dominates the female character, even when the entire group composes of women. Several other languages are similar. To enforce equality, new symbols for languages would have to also compensate for the changes.

Differences in Physiology: This one, in my opinion, is the most difficult to measure. The male body is different than the female body. There are differences in strength, flexibility, and endurance. The strongest female in the world is secondary to the strongest male counterpart. Conversely, the most flexible male in the world cannot perform acrobatics on the same level as females. To declare equality would create a paradox.

Once again, all of these propositions are merely ideas that have been convulsing inside my mind. They sound reasonable and logical to me, but I’m hoping for some counterarguments or further feedback on this subject. What do you guys think? Feel free to give me a reply, be it publicly or privately.

In conclusion, my personal opinion: I personally believe that equality will never be achieved. I treat/respect women as fairly as I treat men, which is based on the content of their character and not on their sex. However, I acknowledge that there are certain traits that each one possess that cannot become interchangeable. Moreover, there are certain cultural aspects in today’s society that I feel are extremely inelastic; many people will be much too stubborn and ignorant to change certain actions and thought processes.

P.S. I’m off to Vegas in the morning, so don’t expect any posts until Sunday evening. I’ll be staying at the Mandalay Bay. Take care everybody, and thank you for reading!

P.S.S. To you know who you are: I’m going to try to stay on AIM the entire time while I’m there. :):)


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