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Weekend Recap (#3)

Hello folks. I’ve been busy this entire weekend and haven’t written a post in a few days. I’ve had an extremely busy, fun, and tiring weekend. Here’s a brief, semi-detailed survey of my weekend adventures.


Friday highlights (Boxing, Interview, Bonding, Dancing):

– Early Friday morning, I trained/taught/sparred boxing with a couple of friends. It was both their last days before they went off to live in their respective college campuses. It also happened to be one person’s first time sparring, and he had a lot fun. Ate food with them afterward.

– During noon, I went to an interview for an internship position for Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez’s re-election campaign. We shall see how that turns out!

– In the afternoon, I caught up with some old friends. I also had a long bonding moment with a new friend, Molyna. She wants me to write a book about her, so this blog post should suffice for now. Molyna is an 18 year old French Cambodian lady. She moved down from Toronto, Canada and has only lived here for two years. She’s a biology major currently at Fullerton College and has a 3.8 GPA. She is 5’5″ and weighs under 100 pounds, but she eats a lot and enjoys food. She is great at giving hand massages, and she is a pimp.

– As some of you may already know, I’m a dancer/performer for Alohis Polynesian Dance Studio. In the evening, I performed at Whittier High School for some sort of senior celebration party. I was one of four invitees to perform, and six female dancers were the women counterparts. The crowd feedback was tremendously positive, and I cannot wait to get my hands on the film.

Saturday Highlights (Tailgate Party, Football Game):

– I drove to my buddy’s house before noon, and we carpooled to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. There, we pre-partied with the UCLA folks right outside. Beer pong, corn hole, King’s Cup, jello shots, liquor of all sorts, music, the whole package.

– At 7:30pm, we went into the Rose Bowl to watch the UCLA vs. Houston football game. This was my first time attending a college football game, and it was stunning. The Rose Bowl situates 100,000 people, and with the exception of two mediocre sections, the entire stadium was filled. Watching the football game in the live atmosphere was a completely different experience than watching it on TV. I hate watching football, and I fell in love with it that night. UCLA ended up victorious at 31-13!

Sunday Highlights (Dim Sum, Tide Pool, Wasting Time):

– Went to eat at Ten Ten’s Seafood Restaurant for a friend’s birthday. I love dim sum.

– Went to the Crystal Cove tide pools afterward. I’m sure you readers already know, but I must reiterate for the ceptillionth time: I love the ocean. The weather was also perfect.

– Came home, napped, and played Starcraft 2 with Bobby. Of course, we routinely destroyed the newbies.


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