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A collective community of selfless human beings.

I’m writing a short [my ass] blog before I start studying for my midterm tomorrow. The test is in 14 hours and 38 minutes. I have read 4 pages, and have 92 more pages to go. I still feel no pressure, so I’m writing a short [my ass] blog to compensate for wasted time.

This is a story that reveals a bit of my personality. It also reveals one of the philosophies that I live by: “The giver is the true receiver.”

One day, I finished my workout and exited the gym. Upon reaching my car, my old 50ish year old Vietnamese friend Mike walked up to my car. He was parked two cars down and found out that his car battery died on him. I immediately went over to see what I could do. I then offered to help him jump start the car.

However, there was a problem. We were parked against the wall, and we had to push the car out to align our cars with one another. Mike then shifted the gear to neutral and I started pushing the car out. I failed. The car was facing a downward slope, and my 160 pounds of fat could not push it back. Before I was almost sandwiched, I slipped out and thought of a new plan.

Andy: “Mike. How bout I go inside the gym and ask the workers to help? We’ll come out and push the car out for you.”

Mike: “Thank you Andy. My English is not good, so that will be very kind.”

He continuously thanked me for my selfless efforts, and I ran inside the gym hoping to get management to lend a helping hand. I first approached the front desk and explained the situation to the workers. They then redirected my attention to the gym manager (also named Mike). To keep confusion to a minimum, I will refer to the gym manager as “Asshole.”

Upon hearing my request for assistance, Asshole said, “Sorry, my guys aren’t liable to do that. I can’t have my guys go out there and help you. They might get hurt.” I was so infuriated. I was left speechless. My fists wanted to do some talking.

Coincidentally, Derek Gonzalez (personal trainer) ended his work shift at the time. A personal friend of mine, he agreed to help me and shunt the liability laws. I then approached a middle-aged African American man whom was a regular gym guy and explained to him the dilemma. He instantaneously agreed to help.

The three of us walked out and went to Mike’s car. However, we noticed that a very elderly Caucasian man was already helping him. He held a portable jump start machine, and he was able to start the car. Afterward, he revealed that he used to be an electrician. Seeing one elderly man help another made me so happy. Moreover, having Derek and Patrick lend a helping hand also made me happy. Their selfless efforts completely made up for Asshole’s ignorance.

Seeing the joy that Mike displayed from the elderly man helping him was great. Seeing Mike smile that big smile and thanking me for sticking around for over 20 minutes after my workout made everything worth it. Remembering that day in May gives me hope for humanity. The giver is the true receiver.

14 hours and 5 minutes before my test. I have 92 pages to go, and I just remembered that I need to write an essay. I… need to start soon. I feel a little pressure now. Bye bye readers.


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