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Analogy & Discussion – Learning behaviors and jogging a mile.

I have been known to have of random, out-of-the-blue thoughts. Out of those  thoughts comes my interpretations and analysis of it. And, out of that comes discussions with my chosen victims. Err, I mean fellow peers.

For instance, I had one a few days ago while driving home from the gym. I thought of human hair and its functional purpose. I then thought, “Why does head hair continue to grow at a steady pace after it’s reached a certain length? Doesn’t it become dysfunctional and doesn’t keep your head warm after it grows to be X inches long?” I then came home and discussed it with my sister and Jaimie Lee.

I had another random thought while walking to class this morning. I first texted the thoughts to Susan Park. This is what I wrote:

*Please note that this is slightly modified as opposed to the text messages. The meaning remains the same.
“So I am walking to class and I thought of the perfect analogy for people and learning behaviors. Anyone without physical or mental disabilities could learn ANYTHING, just like anyone without disabilities could jog a mile. It’s just that some people run it quicker than others, while some people give up before reaching the end line. What do you think??”

Susan then replied that my statement contained a fallacy of oversimplification and offered her own input. She said, “Some people have longer legs than others, some people have better running shoes, some people are running on different terrain, etc..” Here was my reply:

“Good points. I thought of running at different paces and differences in leg length. I was actually thinking of genetics, but did not write down all the reasons why ‘anyone’ could run a mile. However, I didn’t think of running shoes or factoring in the terrain. Running shoes could symbolize the arsenal of tools that aid in people’s learning. For example, getting tutored, owning/using electronics, joining group study sessions, etc.. The terrain symbolizes certain inflexible things that people need to deal with. These things are out of peoples’ control, such as family demographics, living location, time tables, extraneous variables, amongst others. What do you think?”

After I replied to her, I then forwarded it to five other friends. Four have given replies. This is what each one said:

*Note that I include brackets in sections that I edit for clarity. Otherwise, I’m typing them as I see in my phone.
Susan Park: yesyes. those were just things i could think off [the] top of my head. sorry dont have the leisure to have indepth discussion on this at the moment. 😦 classes+work

Jackie Napalan: I agree. I believe learning is not only having the capability to learn, but also the motivation to learn. The student can be smarter than anyone in his or her class, but if he or she doesn’t want to learn, then nobody will know how capable [that person] is.

Arthur Wang: Ok so i just woke up but i think your analogy can correlate pretty well to learning behaviors of society. Ih we’re talking symbolism here, your friend pretty much covered everything that i would’ve mentioned. The pace at which we run can express the rate at which wecan intake information (some learn faster than others), those who give up before the finish line simply have a lack of motivation to learn – (in this case, a deficiency of physical adrenaline means an absence of mental adrenaline). I dont believe you can have one without the other

Tam Ly: No offense but this is convoluted. Hahhaha, wow so lame andy cheng.

Tina Lim: [Honestly,] I think it has to do with personal ability. Some people are made to take in certain types of information better. And then that’s when personal motivation and determination come in to play. Everyone has the ability to improve, But theres only so much that a person can do. Ya dig?

There you have it, folks. Those are my own opinion and other peoples’ opinions on the subject matter. Thank you contributors! If you would like to share your own opinion, feel free to either reply or send me a private message.


If you have any topic that you would like me to discuss and post a blog about, feel free to ask! You could contact me through a private message, text message, chat, etc.. If you wish to remain anonymous, let me know.

I will NOT discuss certain topics if:
– I have both an overly biased and unfair opinion on the matter.
– I have very little to no knowledge of the matter.
– The topic does not interest me in the slightest bit.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed!


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