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My English bad? Unpossible!

A long time ago, I read that phrase. I didn’t understand why the sentence was supposed to be comical. I was later taught that the word “unpossible” is not a word. The correct spelling would be “impossible.”

English used to be, by far, my weakest subject. Throughout middle school, I never achieved a 4.0 GPA. The one B I got throughout both years was, of course, English. The transcripts would always retort “3.857 GPA. Hey dumb ass, learn how to read, write, and speak English!”

Now, let’s jump forward to the middle of 9th grade. I thought that I had done horribly on a trigonometry test and was depressed. [To Susan Bae, this was when you were at the pool deck, bear hugged me, and asked why I was so sad. Yes, Susan Bae, I am embarrassing you.] Upon seeing my sad self, Bobby Verry, the nice boyfriend-of-my-sister friend, forever changed my life by giving me the Devil in CD-ROM form. He gave me his World of Warcraft (WoW) installation discs and gave me access to his account.

This is not a WoW blog, so I won’t write about my high school addiction to that hellhole of a game; that post is reserved for a later date. However, I must thank Bobby and my fellow WoW community for aiding in the vast improvement of my English writing and comprehension skills.

I had the pleasure of being a skilled gamer. I was good. Good is an understatement, for I am being too humble. No, I was great. I was insanely great. And with the skills I had at being a “WoW-nerd” (dubbed by my friends Jamie Lo, David Ho, Jae Jeong, and Andrew Kim) came a community of equally nerdy individuals. Those individuals comprised of Cornell graduates, Berkeley Ph.D candidates, Stanford graduates, high school English teachers, and mothers and fathers.

Being surrounded by these… sophisticated (is this irony or what?) people allowed me to greatly improve my English skills. Forums were set up to keep our group of over 100 people (called guilds) in touch with one another. Discussions were prevalent in bettering each others playing ability, ranting about both inter- and intra-competition, and just having general talks about random subjects.

Reading those nerds’ posts became an everyday hobby for me. Words that I did not understand were common, and became my best friend. Trying to impress the nerds with witty replies also became an everyday thing. I steadily grew to love reading and writing, and have loved it ever since.

Now, you may think that this is just a boring post about how my English level grew from meager, to moderate, and to the level it is now. You’re wrong. I’m not telling you, fellow readers, that my writing ability is great; the “hidden” message of this blog post is quite the opposite. I shall reveal that message now.

If you put your heart into anything, you will become successful at it. It’s about how badly you want it. For example, the comparison of my English skills from middle school/high school and now is comical. Moreover, this is not exclusive to academics. Losing weight, learning a different language, quitting smoking or illicit drugs are all scenarios where one must put impose his or her will to manifest the goal.

Originally, I just wanted to impress my guild members that I wasn’t just great with reaction times in pwning the Horde. I wasn’t just a Night Elf Rogue that stealthily assassinated his foes. I wasn’t just the infamous Ssnipazz that tormented the Orc and Troll babies at night. I wanted to show them that I could also gossip somewhat intelligently. I wanted to show them that I wasn’t confined to just pixelated daggers and swords; I wanted to be an internet keyboard trash-talking warrior as well!

I’d like to think that I have accomplished that today. I truly love reading, writing, and speaking English. I love studying well-written manuscripts of the language. I love communicating through words, which is why I love blogging so much.

How badly do you want it, folks? Put your heart into it, and you could achieve anything!

P.S. Just a little secret. If you’re great at writing and aren’t afraid to show it (which means I’ve read some of your works), you automatically gain lots of Andy brownie points. Remember, intelligence is BY FAR my biggest turn-on.


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