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A show of appreciation to my readers & future blog posts.

Recently, I have had many friends and acquaintances tell me (or have their friends tell me) that they read and enjoy my blog. I would have never guessed, because not many people reply to or comment on my posts.

Allow me to tell you all a two-part secret about me. One: I am horrible at taking compliments. If I don’t become awkward, which is usually the case, I would diffuse the compliment. Two: I love receiving compliments. I just have a horrible time displaying it.

Thank you, readers, for finding time to read my posts. Additionally, thank you for taking the time to let me know that you enjoy them. :):)

Future prospective topics I will be writing about:

– Discussion and analysis of my English level. How I became the writer I am today. What kind of writer I was in the past. What have I accomplished with the language, and what I hope to accomplish in the present and future.
– Critically thinking about equality of sexes. Can equality be achieved without  negative repercussions? Potential gains and sacrifices for both men and women if sexes were equal.
– What you need to know about diets and exercising for healthful living. The questions that people ask me about the subject gets recycled over and over. I have come up with [what I feel as] very simple guidelines that will help anyone who wishes to change their diet, look better, gain strength or stamina, so on and so forth.
– And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, my Mexico story. I am in the process of writing it, and will publish it day by day. My entire job/trip/experience was twelve days long, and I’ve finished the prologue. So, the entire story will span out to at least 13 posts, with the possibility of an additional epilogue. I realize that the entire story will be several chapters long, and many readers may not have the patience to sit and intake a 1500mg dosage of Andycology.
And more, as I ponder them on a daily basis.

Look forward to it, folks!

– Andy


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