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Pieces of you, pieces of me.

Blogging is such an interesting concept. It gives the author complete control of what he or she wants to write about. Whatever is shown is done purposefully by the writer.

For example, Susan Bae uses a blog for the sole purpose of showcasing her baking skills. Arthur Wang blogs to expose his music choice to avid listeners. Patricia Lee uses Tumblr as a personal blog to express her thoughts on being a journalist. So on, and so forth.

Reading everyone’s blog posts gives me an insight as to what kind of person they are. To write about a certain subject will, undoubtedly, somehow pertain to the writer and somewhat unfolds their character. To display a certain picture or share a certain video will, obviously, have some sort of relation to the blogger.

I realized recently that, through my posts, I reveal bits and pieces about my character; about me as a human being. I write and share random posts, pictures, and videos. I create meaning through my means of communication; in this case, it would be using Tumblr. My other means of communication includes YouTube and Facebook.

I talk about various subjects. Life experiences, epiphanies, daily stories, morality, you name it. Re-reading my posts helps me reflect on what kind of person I present myself to be. As a person who has zero regrets in life, I do not delete or remove any posts once they have been published.

To all you readers. To all you bloggers. Reflect upon yourself. How do you present yourself? What kind of person do you want others to think of you? Why do you write the subject matter that you write? Why do you show the pictures and videos that you show? Reflect. If you’d like to share with me and others your answer, feel free to give a short reply.

– Andy

P.S. I love your electronic signature, Susan Bae.

P.P.S. Blueberry muffins.


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