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The best thing about Saturdays is…

that the gym is always empty.

[I am often times distracted at the gym due to the other people there. To be honest, I embrace the attention I receive at the gym. With other people’s eyes on me, I become motivated to push myself to the limits. On frequent occasions, this is deviant to my workout; I overexert myself many a times. If not trying to impress people, I would be confronted by familiar faces wanting to strike up small talk.

I will allow you, my dear readers, to digress with thoughts of me being a meathead. Go ahead and get it out of your system, then resume reading my blog.

The good thing about an empty gym is that, my mind wanders freely when there is nobody to talk to or impress.

Tonight’s post is dedicated to a dear friend of mine. He recently graduated from high school. He proclaims to be a very insecure person, and he is ashamed of being “awkward around others… boring…a loser… lack of social life.” For the sake of anonymity, I will refer to him as “Pitbull.”

I once had an extremely intelligent friend. One night, she called me and thanked me for showing her a glimpse of my lifestyle. She said, “You showed me you love yourself. By that, I mean that you are not infatuated with yourself and full of it, but that you recognize your strengths and weaknesses and accept them.” She then told me that, upon observing my lifestyle, she decided to partake in a similar fashion. For the sake of anonymity, I will refer to her as “Kiddo.”

Pitbull, you need to reflect on yourself. You need to recognize everything you’re good at. You need to recognize everything that you need to improve on. Many people look at me as the interesting, outgoing, confident, smart, loyal, experienced, open minded Taiwanese dude. Guess what? I am as human as everyone else on planet Earth. I have just as many flaws and efficacies as the next person.

You’ll get to that frequency soon. Coming from someone who was in the same position two years ago, I know the feeling of uncertainty in oneself. Many high school students and post-graduates feel your pain. You’re still in the age and time of self discovery. Make the most of it.

Kiddo also told me that, “Half of every person you know is what you want them to be.” After much contempt and assessment, I wholeheartedly agree with her. I refuse to explain the meaning to you and will allow you to interpret the meaning on your own. Think hard on it, Pitbull.

I wasn’t always the person I am today. In fact, I’ll share with you readers four  moments of my life that show you just how human I am.

1. I’ve smoked ~10 cigarettes my entire life. All of them were smoked in my senior year in high school. Most of the time, I would just take one or two hits and let the cherry burn out. I was very insecure and immature at the time.

2. I was very obese in my childhood, especially in 8th grade. I’ve been sucking in my stomach to not appear as fat since 6th grade.

3. I used to be against smoking weed, and was biased against my friends who condoned it. This was prevalent from 9th-11th grade.

4. English used to be my weakest subject. I hated it with a passion. I hated reading, and I hated writing. It was through my addiction of World of Warcraft that greatly improved my English vocabulary and composition.

You evolve as a human being on a daily basis. Your thoughts will slowly mold to solid structures that form your ethics, morals, and ideals.

I love you, Pitbull. You’re a good guy, and get out there and show everyone who you are. CHYEAHHHHHHHHHH.



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