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Frank Yang: The Mind and Body Reversed.

I am a fellow fan of the ever-so-popular Frank Yang. Frank is a YouTube star known for his training/exercise videos. What makes him such an unique individual is, well, he suffers from bi-polar disease. Frank writes a lot of his philosophies and mindless-antics on Facebook. Here is something that he wrote a few months ago that I still remember til this day.

I wish I can reverse my body and mind. I want to have mind distributed on the outside, and my body hidden on the inside. Unlike regular people where there intentionalities, desires, dreams,and beliefs are confined within the dark corners of our skulls, my mind wraps around me like skin and takes a definite shape and architecture, and is extended spatially.

Insects have an exoskeleton, skeleton on the outside. I would like to have an exomind – a mind out the outside. It would be easy to “read my mind” this way, but not my body language and physical gestures. My body will be wrapped within the dark corners of my mind; it takes no shapes and form, and is weightless, odorless, colorless and tasteless.

Imagine that, folks. Frank’s mind isn’t of this world. His excerpts are deeply intriguing because of his oddness. He’s an accomplished bodybuilder, artist, and writer. Yet, many of his followers and fans believe that he is partially insane. I am amongst one of them.

Freud’s theories were based on mentally ill test subjects. Think how well renowned he remains today. Think about that. Thank hard on that, folks.

P.S. I in no way agree or disagree w/ Frank’s writings. I just merely read his works with an objective point of view and I keep an open mind.


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