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Arguments, discussions, goods.

My last several posts have been [I hope] quite humorous. This one isn’t. Time for some serious Andycology, my fellow readers.

You cannot give your opinion on anything if you do not fully understand the material and complexity involved in its contents. Otherwise, you’re spitting rhetoric. Rhetoric = bullshit.

Looking back, I should not have voted for the 2008 elections. I don’t know a single thing about politics (I’m glad I’m learning it now).

On a broader scale, it is not exclusive to just discussions and arguments. It’s collectively every choice you make as a consumer in a capitalistic society. Personally, I research everything that I am contemplating to purchase. Whereas many people I know look at the advertisements in commercials and marketing or reading the labels on the package, I look at customer reviews, ingredient listings (for foods), background research on the company, etc..

My lovely sister, Cindy. If you are reading this, I am still annoyed that you bought a *F-word* $1550 Mac and don’t know ANY of it’s specifications other than having a 1 TB hard drive. But, I guess I still love you.

I’m also going to pick on some of my friends Yes, you repetitive, pestering, counter-intuitive, nonchalant chode muffins. Stop dropping the bills on protein, creatine, nitric oxide, and other supplements if you’re asking me what they do. I refuse to answer those questions because I am too busy using my imagination slapping you back to Bangkok.

Understand the things you invest in, folks. That’s your money or your financial supplier’s money that gets passed onto others. Understand the topics that you are discussing. Understand what is being thrown at you; be it micro or macro, be it controversial or unanimous, be it superficial or significant, strive to understand it.

On a side note, it’s Thursday and I ended class an hour ago. I just realized that I’ve smoked out of my new piece twice now and I haven’t given her a name. (“Now” means the entire time I’ve owned the piece. I haven’t smoked in several days. [Not that that’s an accomplishment. Just stating the facts.]) I’m not great with naming; I call my other piece “the two-inch penis” because it’s quite small.

On another side note, it greatly amuses me that I use mathematical equations to parenthesize my sentences. (One sentence [Another sentence]). Haha!

So, what have we overall learned in today’s dosage of Andycology? “It’s not about size… it’s about SURPRISE!!” – Paul “PK” Kim (Founder of Kollaboration)

Thanks for reading folks. 🙂


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