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So I was at a party last night, and my phone was taken from me…

I was phone-less for more than two hours. It was out of my hands from 9:00-11:30pm. Here is a conversation some people had with someone from my contact list.

A will stand for my phone, and S will stand for the lucky girl they were talking to.

(9:14PM) S: Sooo….um do u have any hobbies? 🙂 hehe
(9:41PM) A: Yeah
(9:46PM) S: Like…
(9:46PM) A: Stuff
(9:47PM) S: Okay…. u don’t really like talkin to me do u
(9:48PM) A: tats cool…
(9:49PM) S: Huh
(9:50PM) A: we cool
(9:52PM) S: Ok good
(9:52PM) A: yeah good
(9:58PM) A: Puppies froloc in the grass.
(10:00PM) S: Lol what? Hehe
(10:00PM) A: Wat do u thnk is ta sexiest part bout me?
(10:02PM) S: What hahahaa….hmmmm ur body and personality
(10:02PM) A: What part?
(10:04PM) S: Abs lol but I prefer ur personality
(10:04PM) A: Zero fattt!!!
(10:05PM) S: Huh lol
(10:05PM) A: Niggggah u deaf?
(10:17PM) S: Well were textin so even if I was that wouldn’t matter 🙂
(10:19PM) A: Trees are green. pigs are pink. And oranges are orangE.
(10:21PM) S: Shablaca
(10:22PM) A: my lips r soft gurllll
(10:24PM) S: LOL r they
(10:24PM) A: didnt u noe gurl
(10:26PM) S: Not a clue
(10:25PM) A: u wanna know gurrrrrllll???
(10:27PM) S: LOL um not just yet
(10:28PM) A: Big hair balls
(10:30PM) S: Ew
(10:30PM) A: Crusty toes
(10:32PM) S: R u okay
(10:32PM) A: Im okay if u r okay ur hurt is my hurt
(10:34PM) S: Are u high? Lol
(10:35PM) A: Today’S forecast…..
(10:38PM) S: Or drunk?
(10:41PM) A: You’re making it hard for me…
(10:43PM) S: Makin what hard?
(10:44PM) A: The way you shake it on me makes me want you so bad sexually…ooooo gurrrrll
(10:47PM) S: Are u singing? Lol
(10:47PM) A: Im singing ta song from ma heart
(10:52PM) A: im so dry im chaffing
(10:54PM) A: u wnt summmm
(11:05PM) A: U cant handle game?
(11:19PM) A: That wet spot was created by you my abs are pulsating w lust please fufill my fantasies my indian princess

The end.

(Yes, that is a picture of a wet stain on the couch)

…Oh my…


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