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End of June recap.

Hello fellow readers, it’s one of these weekly recaps again.

Very early in the morning of June 28, I finished a drawing project that I had worked on for over a month. This has taken a majority of my time whenever I am home, and I’m glad to have accomplished this masterpiece. I owe many people for giving me advice, criticism, and suggestions. These people include Lauren Tom, Kawai Mang, Arthur Wang, and Joyce Kim. Most of all, I have my sister to thank for constantly telling me to touch up or change certain areas. I love you all.


Other than that, I’ve just been hanging out as much as I’ve been usually doing.

– Karaoke for friend’s 20th b-day.
– Knott’s Berry Farm for friend’s 21th b-day. We kidnapped him, tied him down, and brought him there.
– Bonfire @ Huntington Beach. Life’s a beach.
– Dropping sister off at Long Beach; she’s headed to Fresno for 2 weeks for a brief summer school art class.
– Dropping mom off at LAX; she’s headed to Taiwan for 3 weeks. After I dropped her off, I drove around LA and got myself lost on purpose for a mini adventure. I went through Hawthorne, Inglewood, Gardena, and Manhattan Beach. I also drove around several freeways just for fun. A nerdy thing I do is to try to remember exact routes I take every day I drive, then look it up on Google Maps when I get home. I did a lot of that after I got home.

– Last kickback at friend’s Newport Beach apartment.
– Shooting range with a friend. First time firing a handgun, and it was a lot of fun. It was my friend’s second time firing a weapon, and she did pretty damn good.


This was after I fired 8 rounds. All 8 hit!

– More tennis with my dad.

I’m headed off to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on the 6th. It’s coming soon!


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