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Dad and Twilight?! WTF

So, I’m taking a nap. I get woken up by the noise from the television in the living room. My dad’s watching a movie. I walk outside

Dad: I like Jacob over Edward. What about you?
Me: What? What the fuck?! I can’t believe you’re watching this shit dad.
Dad & Me: *Laughs out loud*
Dad: Seriously! Jacob or Edward?
Me: I don’t watch Twilight and I don’t want to watch Twilight. I’m going to write this online about you right now. *Walks back into my room*
Dad: *Follows me into my room* You know your sister said the exact same thing to me last year when I watched part one. You said the same exact thing now that I’m watching part two.
Me: *Shakes my head sadly*


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