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A random thought popped into my head.

A person was born into a wealthy family, grew up in an upper class neighborhood, and attended a great school. He then becomes a rapper and talks about the ghettos, talks about gangsters and hoods. He raps about murdering people, extortion, pimps and hoes and whatnot. What would the community’s response be? NOW HOLD THAT THOUGHT.

A 16 year old sings about love. He talks about being rich and having money and being well known. He becomes a media-based personality. He speaks and acts according to what his manager and record label order him to. He is being showcased as a sex icon to teens. What is the community’s response?

From the way I see it, the rapper will get shunned and laughed upon. Whereas, Justin Bieber, the second person I described, gets praised and featured into the media.

Seriously society, what the fuck?


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