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Having two ears, a great gift. They enable us to hear and listen to all sorts of things. Except dog whistles. But we could hear most frequencies.

Use the two organs given to you by your parents. They’re a valuable tool.

Stop and listen.

Listen to the ambiance of the wind, of the beach, of birds chirping.

Listen to song lyrics. Don’t stop at the beats and rhythm, but actually listen to what the artist has to say. And don’t listen to Lil Wayne. Listen to actual music.

Listen to your friends and acquaintances. Listen to strangers. Listening does not necessarily mean you agree or obey them. Hear what they have to say and act accordingly. Use their knowledge, insight, and opinions as another source to widen your own intellect and experience.

Listen to yourself. You are the most valuable player in the game called life. You call your own shots. You make all your decisions. Except when you’re in jail, of course; don’t go to jail.

Listen to the sound of life. Listen to the sound of death. When you’re able to do that, things will seem so much more beautiful.


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