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Sugar & Trans Fat

Sugar and trans fat. I see you. I acknowledge what you are. I know what you do.

You come with a warning label. The nutrition facts show what you’re made of. Your ingredient list shows how deviant you are to my health. The label reaffirms how bad you are.

However, even after all of that, you still look, smell, and taste so good. And I know you’re bad for me. I understand that you make me unhealthy. Yet, I am a fool for eating you.

You’re everywhere. Like any other food macronutrients, you cannot simply un-exist.

I see what you’re doing to me. I see what I’m doing to myself. The repercussions are self-evident. After seeing and feeling all of this, I’m still taking a daily dosage of you. I am a fool.

If I had a wish, I would make you a polysaccharide. I would remove the hydrogen bond attached to you. But, by doing so, you would be a complex carbohydrate and a polyunsaturated fat; you would no longer exist as sugar and trans fat. That would be pointless. To alleviate the problem via transformation is not confronting it. I would just be running away. A wish is just… well, a wish, and I’m glad they seldom come true. I am a fool.

I am a fool for eating you. I am a fool for disregarding the nutrition label. I am a fool for ignoring the adverse effects that are so easily spotted. Most of all, I am a fool for continuing to suffer these health drawbacks.

I am human after all. It’s strikingly interesting to see what human beings could do to themselves. My actions interest myself. Sugar and trans fat: just another opportunity to help me grow up. How I deal with it is solely up to me. After all, I’m only human. A foolish human being.


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